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Problem Behaviour One to Ones

You don’t just have to put up with your dog’s inappropriate behaviour.

Despite the old saying, you actually CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Let me help show you how.

Welcome to the Problem Paws Company, where we take an adaptive, honest and non-judgemental approach to helping you get the best from your four-legged friend.

As any pet owner will know, we all get into difficulties with our animal companions from time to time and problems often develop over time without our realising it. When our own dog has got a problem it’s often hard to see the wood for the trees and objectively understand the problem, its causes and how to solve it. That’s where I come in.

You can find out more about myself, how I work with dogs and the help I can give you through this website. If you need help with your dog and their problems, then please do get in touch with me using the details above or the form on the contact page.

You Can Also Call 07974 821777     Or Email jayne@theproblempawscompany.uk

The Problem Paws Company covers Swansea & Gower in South Wales as well as Bristol and the surrounding areas.